Parents are saying....

     "My boys have been with Pegasus Therapy since September and they have improved with their speech significantly. It is a fun, relaxing and fabulous place for kids. Every therapist is absolutely fabulous. They are patient, kind and so dedicated to what they do. I am forever thankful and grateful that I followed my heart and it lead me to Pegasus Therapy. I would recommend this establishment to everyone and anyone who asks. You will not be disappointed. I promise.  - SM


     "In a few sessions, the therapist was able to help our second grader overcome a long-standing speech problem that was a continuing source of frustration and embarrassment for him.  He had had little success in bi-weekly school and private speech therapy.  However, the therapist was quickly able to help him hear and replicate the correct articulation of the /r/ sound. After the first session, my son was motivated to practice on his own and he now has the confidence to speak without fear that others will not understand him.  - Parent

        Pegasus Therapy's approach is perfect for children, like my son, who have become discouraged because their speech therapy has not resolved their articulation issues.  They are patient and kind, and very focused on results.  In this way, she helped my son develop the resources he needed to help himself.   
       I highly recommend Pegasus Therapy."   - Carol

I am a father of a two-year-old named Levi who deals with apraxia.   After only two months, Levi has learned an abundance of new sign language signs and has started imitating words.  He gets excited to see the therapist every week and really looks forward to every session with her.  And as a parent to be able to see your child start to overcome his challenges in life.  There is no greater reward than that.  We are extremely lucky to have Pegasus Therapy a part of our team and would recommend them to anyone.  - Ben Gonzales