Speech therapy 

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapists help children with communication disorders. Communication disorders can include, but are not limited to: apraxia,articulation disorderslanguage-based learning disabilitieslanguage processing disordersspeech and language delays in young children,stuttering and/or voice disorders.

Hippotherapy  -

HippotherapyThe term "hippotherapy" comes from the Greek word "hippos" meaning horse and translated means "treatment with the help of the horse". Using the horse as a dynamic base to facilitate non-static postural control Hippotherapy fosters improved trunk mobility and strength which in turn, affects overall limb function. The horse’s natural three-dimensional movement mimics a typical human gait creating a gentle rhythmic movement that aides in improving overall balance, strength, muscle control and tone, motor development and coordination. Hippotherapy sessions are conducted by a licensed physical, occupational or speech and language therapist who has advanced education, are registered with and certified by the American Hippotherapy Association (AHA) and PATH Intl, certified in as a Registered Level Instructor, as well as have credentials demonstrating their working knowledge of the safe and effective use of the horse’s movement as a therapy strategy integrated with neuromotor function and sensory processing.